Betty White Admits To Having Had Plastic Surgery (After Denying It)

Published on 2:36 PM July 21, 2011

In her recent memoirs, Betty White admitted that she had eyelid surgery done in the mid-70s, despite having denied such an operation to the media on several occasions. White, who has recently been the subject of a (long overdue, perhaps) career resurgence, is only one of a number of Hollywood celebrities who has gone back on their stance of “never having cosmetic work done”, even when the results were plainly obvious.

What is it about plastic surgery that leads so many celebs (as well as your average everyday person) to deny having it done? Is it because they are afraid of being seen as vain? Is it because they want people to believe they defy aging (or gravity) naturally? Whatever the reason, the time has come for it to stop. Plastic surgery is just another method of beauty enhancement. Few women would deny wearing makeup or getting a haircut. Plastic surgery and Botox are obviously a step beyond this, but is there really any difference in the long run?

Plastic surgery and cosmetic enhancement is here to stay, and it is only getting better by the year. It’s time for both celebrities and the average Jane/Joe to stop pretending like they just happen to be lucky enough not to age. There should be no shame in getting a nip here or a tuck there. If a woman who is as awesome a figure in the world of entertainment as Betty White can admit it, it seems the rest of us can, too.